Big Screen Symposium

We’ve started a podcast channel! Re-live the most inspirational sessions from this year’s Big Screen Symposium on your walk home, in the car or out loud with your friends. Available now on Mixcloud.
Each podcast is free to listen to, and available to anyone so you can share your favourite sessions with those who couldn’t make it this year.

The sessions available as podcasts are:

Keynote Address with Heather Rae

Breaking the Silence – The writers and directors of WARU

Screenwriting Masterclass with Cate Shortland – Image and the Subconscious 

Mini-addresses with Jackie Van Beek and Florian Habicht

The Makings of Great TV with Cate Shortland and Tony Krawitz

Editing Masterclass with Simon Price – Serious Fun

In Conversation with Jonathan Raymond – Wildness, Control and Collaboration

Directing Masterclass with Tony Krawitz – Intimacy with the World of Your Story

In Conversation with Cliff Curtis



P.S. If you’re pining to hear a session that we haven’t already released as a podcast, please do feel free to let us know at However do bare in mind that we’ve made our decisions largely based on popularity as well as which talks suit the podcast medium, and make sense without the film clips or powerpoint presentations. If there is overwhelming request for a particular talk then we may revise!

Brought to you by the Big Screen Symposium with help from Images and Sound.