Big Screen Symposium

Weta Digital’s senior visual effects supervisor, Joe Letteri, is the master mind behind the most game-changing visual effects of this decade (AVATAR, KING KONG, LOTR). Joe will deliver a visual effects masterclass at this year’s symposium.

Joe Letteri has won 4 Academy Awards and 4 BAFTAs for pioneering the motion capture techniques that have brought some of film’s most iconic characters to life, including the dinosaurs of Jurassic Park, Gollum, King Kong and the Na’vi in AVATAR. He has been leading Weta Digital as Visual Effects Supervisor since 2002. See Joe’s full bio here.

See Joe Letteri in the following session:

Digital Effects Masterclass with Joe Letteri : Bringing the Virtual to Reality – Sat 24th September, 2:45 pm.