Big Screen Symposium


“Seems to me we are always playing with risk – simply by daring to walk out the door. A mum or dad, like an artist has to pretend it’s part of the process, otherwise the kids or the audience will catch on to our uncertainties.”

Christopher Doyle is one of the world’s greatest cinematographers. Among his sixty awards and thirty nominations at film festivals around the world is the Grand Technical Prize at the Cannes Film Festival for IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE, as well as the Osella d’Oro for Best Cinematography for ASHES OF TIME at the Venice International Film Festival. Fluent in Mandarin, French and Cantonese, his Chinese name is Du Ke Fung which means ‘like the wind.’ Since his ‘birth in art’ Du Ke Feng has realized over fifty Chinese-language films including CHUNKING EXPRESS, TEMPTRESS MOON, HERO, HAPPY TOGETHER, DUMPLINGS, 2046, and his alter ego, Christopher Doyle, has made more than twenty in various other languages and film cultures including THE LIMITS OF CONTROL, PARANOID PARK, LIBERTY HEIGHTS, LAST LIFE IN THE UNIVERSE, MAGIC MAGIC and RABBIT-PROOF FENCE.

In an electrifying 30 minute address, Christopher Doyle/Du Ke Feng shares his insights, philosophy and passion for creative daring within the act of filmmaking.

See Christopher Doyle’s full bio here.

Session time: Sat 24th September, 12:25pm. See the full programme here.