Big Screen Symposium

Enigmatic filmmaker Pietra Brettkelly shares the fascinating story of making her latest acclaimed documentary, A FLICKERING TRUTH, which follows a group of Afghan archivists endeavouring to preserve footage they risked their lives to conceal during the Taliban era. With a creative process that embodies risk, both physically and financially, Pietra presents a case study on the film that took her into war-torn Afghanistan seven times over 2.5 years, without security, a flak jacket or a grasp of the local language.

Pietra Brettkelly is a multi award-winning documentary director/producer. Her documentaries include the critically acclaimed THE ART STAR AND THE SUDANESE TWINS and MĀORI BOY GENIUS, and her recent film A FLICKERING TRUTH, which premiered in competition at the prestigious Venice Film Festival, opens in NZ cinemas on Thursday 25 August. See Pietra’s full bio here.

See Pietra Brettkelly in the following session:

Case Study: A Flickering Truth with Pietra Brettkelly – Sun 25th September, 9:40 pm.