Big Screen Symposium

FlickeringEnigmatic filmmaker Pietra Brettkelly tells the story of making her latest acclaimed documentary, A FLICKERING TRUTH, which follows a group of Afghan archivists endeavouring to preserve footage they risked their lives to conceal during the Taliban era.

The film took Pietra into war-torn Afghanistan seven times over 2.5 years, purposefully without security, a flak jacket or a grasp of the local language.

The only possible way to make this film was immersion in a very high stakes environment. In this case study, Pietra explores what creative, physical and financial risk brought to the process and to the end result – a film that premiered in competition at both Venice and Toronto Film Festivals before its recent New Zealand cinema release.

Pietra’s full bio here.

Session time: Sun 25th September, 9:40am. See the full programme here.