Big Screen Symposium

maxresdefault-4Miranda Harcourt, Stuart McKenzie and Emma Slade give an inside view, sharing their experiences and processes in the making of supernatural thriller THE CHANGEOVER.

This is an adaptation of the award-winning New Zealand young adult novel written by Margaret Mahy with a cast that includes Lucy Lawless, Melanie Lynksey and Timothy Spall.

Join the key creators of THE CHANGEOVER as they delve into the process of securing their stellar cast and explore the rehearsal techniques used to enable the actors to do their best work.

They share how they focused their vision of grounding a supernatural thriller in a very real post-earthquake landscape. The three talk to fantasy vs. reality in both the adaptation and the production.

THE CHANGEOVER opens in NZ cinemas 28 September 2017.

Session time: Sunday October 1, 1:20pm

Moderated by Robyn Malcolm

Presented by Park Road Post Production