Big Screen Symposium

stapleton-weaver_wide-98d464e393607c8d46a65608ffb2be9a1599b1d8-s900-c85During this in-depth craft focused session, David Michôd delves into his directorial process and approach with moderator Shuchi Kothari.

Find out how David develops his vision for the look and feel of a film, and ensures it translates on to the screen. David will share his aesthetic preparation including the way he collaborates with DoPs, production designers and actors in pre-production and on set.

Having moved from gritty debut breakout ANIMAL KINGDOM to THE ROVER that was in official selection at the 2014 Cannes Film Festival then big budget Netflix WAR MACHINE, David addresses how scale has impacted his directorial vision and process.

Session time: Saturday September 30, 3pm

Moderated by Shuchi Kothari