Big Screen Symposium

orator2600x600“The quality of conversation in the edit-suite can often determine the quality of the final film. Good editors need to drive this conversation. They are in a way the first audience for any film. It is important that they are excellent listeners, great communicators and sensitive critics who bring fresh ideas to the project. 

“They also need to make it fun.

“The edit suite is a private space that requires a great willingness and commitment to explore all ideas no matter how foolish or stupid they may at first seem; an almost foolishly open approach can help eliminate the even greater risk of not realizing your film’s true potential.”

Using examples of past work, a smoking gun, audience participation and a bowl of soup, editor Simon Price (THE ORATOR, RUIN, CLEVERMAN) invites you to join him in a highly interactive conversation about the importance of play in the edit suite.

See Simon’s full bio here.

Session time: Sun 25th September, 9:40am. See the full programme here.