Big Screen Symposium



Courtney Botfield is a communications, marketing and management specialist with 20 years experience in independent film across development, production, distribution and exhibition in Australia and the UK.

Courtney is now the co-founder and director of The Goodship Agency (Australia), which provides services for independent filmmakers exploring alternate and innovative pathways in the ever changing and challenging landscape of film financing and distribution. Weaving traditional film distribution with impact producing and corporate funding models, Goodship embraces the philosophy that doing good is good business and good branding.

In this session, Goodship Director Courtney Botfield will offer insights and case studies on building strategic philanthropic and brand partnerships for films, across both documentary and drama. She will explain how these relationships can support productions, build audiences and ensure the lasting positive impact of films.

Courtney’s full bio here.

Session time: Sat 24th September, 2:45pm. See the full programme here.

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