Big Screen Symposium

Legendary US producer, Barrie M. Osborne, who has produced and EP’d some of cinema’s greats over the last few decades, will feature ‘in conversation’ at this year’s symposium.

Since his prodigious filmmaking beginnings as a production manager on APOCALYPSE NOW, Barry M. Osborne has produced an awe inspiring body of films, notably THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy for which he won an Oscar for Best Picture. Osborne’s list of producer and executive producer credits include THE BIG CHILL, THE MATRIX, DICK TRACY, FACE/OFF, THE WATER HORSE, THE WORLDS FASTEST INDIAN, LITTLE FISH, GLORIA, and most recently, PETE’S DRAGON, which is in NZ cinemas from 15th September 2016. See Barrie M. Osborne’s full bio here.

See Barrie in the following session:

In Conversation with Barrie Osborne – Sat 24th September, 4:30pm.