Big Screen Symposium

Barrie_M_osborne_600x600Since his prodigious filmmaking beginnings as a production manager on APOCALYPSE NOW, Barrie M. Osborne has produced an awe  inspiring body of films, notably THE LORD OF THE RINGS trilogy for which he won an Oscar for Best Picture.

Barrie’s remarkable list of producer and executive producer credits also includes THE BIG CHILL, THE MATRIX, DICK TRACY, FACE/OFF, THE WATER HORSE, THE WORLDS FASTEST INDIAN, GLORIA and PETE’S DRAGON.


In this conversation with Timothy White, Barrie discusses the risks he’s taken in his producing career and shares his insights on what it takes to make big films for the big screen.

Moderated by Timothy White

Session Time: Saturday 24th September, 4.30pm

Presented by Park Road Post Production.