Big Screen Symposium

unnamedThe weekend opens with three 20-minutes addresses to whet your appetite for the ideas, inspiration and provocations you have come to expect, and love, from the Big Screen Symposium weekend.

So Yong Kim, Annie Goldson and Peter Broderick will draw on the theme Authenticity & Pretence weaving it into their addresses while referencing their own work, the work of others, and pertinent issues of the times.

About the theme
This year Big Screen Symposium explores exceptional film and television as a dance with Authenticity & Pretence. The challenge when creating authentic film and television is that it is founded on pretence – a form of invention that everyone wants in on.  The filmmaker asks her audience to have poetic faith, to accept the fiction or construction as reality. After all, story and performance are acts of make-believe, best at their most honest.

Session time: Sat 30th September, 10:10am

Presented by Images and Sound