Big Screen Symposium

Kylie du Fresne 600x600Kylie du Fresne examines the ins and outs of her 20-year business and creative relationships with Goalpost Pictures partners Rosemary Blight and Ben Grant: how they started out, how they have progressed and re-defined themselves over that time, and the creative and financial divisions within the team.

Kylie shares their internal processes when collaborating on projects, including managing their slate and making decisions about what will be produced separately or together, and what informs these decisions. She looks at how the different skills within the team and the actions of broadcasters and creatives impact these decisions.  She compares these constant producing collaborators to being an independent producer.

Kylie also talks about collaboration with external content creators, specifically in television drama, looking at the process of the CLEVERMAN and FIGHTING SEASON creators and how they became producing partners of both series. How do you meet collaborators and know if it is a good fit for you and them, and how do you build and sustain the necessary trust?

Session time: Sunday October 1, 9:30am