Big Screen Symposium


The playful tunes that populate the wildly successful HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE are the work of award-winning composers Samuel Flynn Scott, Luke Buda and Conrad Wedde from indie rock band The Phoenix Foundation.

Not afraid to experiment, Luke & Sam will discuss their bold and playful approach to their work and why it was essential in creating the film’s original sounds.

While still very active in the music scene, these talented musicians are no strangers to scoring films, having worked with Taika Waititi previously on EAGLE VS SHARK and BOY, as well as an array of other film and television projects. Join Sam & Luke as they take us through scoring HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE to illustrate their unique approach to composing for film.

Moderated by Victoria Kelly.

See Lukasz‘s and Samuel‘s full bio here.

Session time: Sun 25th September, 2:15pm. See the full programme here.

Presented by APRA AMCOS.