Big Screen Symposium


“When writing, drawing from the subconscious is slower and more arduous, difficult to find – but perhaps in the end the pain creates something beautiful and idiosyncratic, and this is often the part that the viewer takes away and remembers, the part that gets under our skin.”

Cate Shortland is the acclaimed writer/director of the award-winning and profoundly memorable features SOMERSAULT and LORE, as well as a screenwriter on some of Australia’s most renowned television drama. 

Cate uses examples from her film work to chart her writing process: from the genesis of an idea, to taking risks with character, to building scenes from the page up with actors and choreographers – and the vital role of imagery, landscape, and the subconscious.

Cate’s full bio here.

Moderated by Brita McVeigh.

Session time: Saturday 24th September, 2:45pm. See the full programme here.