Big Screen Symposium

Casey’s passion for children and her indigenous language led her to producing children’s television and web content in Te Reo Māori and English over the past decade. Casey was the series director and producer for KETE KORERO – MY MAORI MYTHS, a web-series created with funding from the NZ on Air Digital Fund, and KIA MAU, which was Casey’s first solo series and what led her to start her own production company, Takitini Productions, in 2015.

In 2013, Casey first dived into film when she worked as the art director for Nikki Si’ulepa’s short film MA. Since then the pair have worked together in 48hr film competitions and are in production and development of various short films. They have recently been accepted into the NZ Film Commission’s Fresh Shorts development lab for Casey’s short film, HAA (Breath).

Casey is also currently producing an intrepid travel web-series, titled #NOTTHESETOURISTS, that she co-shot and co-presented throughout North, Central and South America in 2015.  

In addition, she is writing and developing various stories for film and is excited to transition into and explore the medium of cinema to express her perception of identity, culture, history, and truth of being a young Māori woman in modern Aotearoa. 

One way she is doing that is by working on WARU, a collaborative feature film project, made up of eight short films by eight female Māori directors.

See Casey Kaa in the following session:

WARU: Breaking the silence – Sat 24th September, 11:00 am.