Big Screen Symposium

Courtney Botfield is a communications, marketing and management specialist with 20 years experience in independent film across development, production, distribution and exhibition in Australia and the UK. She has worked across the globe on many prestigious projects including as Head of Press at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, as General Manager of Transmission Films and helping with the re-opening and running of the beloved Chauvel Cinema in Sydney.

She has managed many successful distribution campaigns that have followed both conventional and innovative models including THE KING’S SPEECH, SAMSON & DELILAH, THE RAILWAY MAN, BALIBO, BOY, THE EYE OF THE STORM, ANTICHRIST, AMOUR, MAD BASTARDS, SHAME and MY YEAR WITHOUT SEX.

Courtney is the recent recipient of the 2015 Natalie Miller Fellowship which recognises and nurtures the next generation of female leaders in the Australian screen community and inspires them to achieve outstanding success at the most senior levels of the business.

She is currently the director of The Goodship Agency, which provides services for independent filmmakers exploring alternate and innovative pathways in the ever changing and challenging landscape of film financing and distribution, and in turn ensures they will have the capacity to attract and impact their target audience.

Courtney and Goodship co-director Tracey Mair use their communications, marketing, sponsorship and distribution expertise to develop strategies and broker partnerships between screen content creators and brands, corporations, distributors, private enterprise and philanthropists, charities, NGOs and others in the not-for-profit sector for production finance, marketing campaigns, impact and outreach campaigns and both conventional and innovative distribution models.

In July 2016, Goodship was announced as a recipient of Screen Australia’s Gender Matters: Brilliant Stories and Brilliant Careers, marking the largest number of projects funded in a single day in the agency’s history.

See Courtney Botfield in the following session:

Impact producing, Marketing and Distribution Masterclass with Courtney Botfield – Sat 24th September, 2:45 am.