Big Screen Symposium

Lukasz Pawel Buda is one of the key members behind the award-winning band The Phoenix Foundation, which has been nominated for 24 VNZMA awards and won six, including best producer for three albums in a row and best band.

Luke, along with his bandmate Samuel Flynn Scott, has also produced and composed several film and television scores including ones for HUNT FOR THE WILDERPEOPLE, BOY, EAGLE VS SHARK and SEPARATION CITY. Their soundtrack for BOY won them (along with fellow Phoenix-er and film composer Conrad Wedde) Best Original Music in a Feature Film at the NZ Film and Television Awards.

Luke has also done several solo project including co-writing the song “Apple Pie Bed” with Lawrence Arabia, which won an APRA Silver Scroll Award.

See Lukasz Pawel Buda in the following session:

Composing Masterclass with Luke Buda and Sam Scott: Scoring HUNT FOR THE WILDER PEOPLE – Sun 25th September, 2:15 pm.