Big Screen Symposium

Writer & director Paula Jones (Whakatōhea, Te Aitanga a Mahaki, Ngāti Porou) has been working for the TV industry for nearly 20 years. Her directorial debut was the acclaimed documentary GANG GIRLS.

Since then, Paula has worked on various award-winning documentaries including researching and directing the New Zealand portion of the Australian co-production ONCE BITTEN.

While living in Palestine, she also made promotional videos for the Palestinian Children’s Relief Fund and filmed a self-funded documentary THE DOCTOR’S WIFE.

In 2010, an illness left her partially paralysed. While recovering, Paula became determined to “never let anyone else dictate her worth,” inspiring a burst of activity. In the past two years, she has filmed two documentaries in Cambodia and Palestine, completed a masters in screenwriting, and has written and will direct two short films. One short will be part of, WARU, a collaborative feature film project with eight Māori female directors.

See Paula Jones in the following session:

WARU: Breaking the silence – Sat 24th September, 11:00 am.