Big Screen Symposium

Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa is a New Zealand born Samoan freelance television director and camera operator. With almost a decade’s experience working on NZ magazine and youth shows such as the incomparable FRESH (TV2) and the “I didn’t think reality game shows could be this funny” GAME OF BROS (Maori Television); Stallone has learned much along the well-travelled NZ road of creating content that supersede the expectations of budget.

After finally getting his s**t together; Stallone took the leap of faith and pursued his decade long ambition to make a feature film, the self-funded and self-distributed THREE WISE COUSINS. With only friends and family for crew, and taking the lesser known path of self-distribution, THREE WISE COUSINS exceeded all expectations to make $NZ970,000 at the New Zealand box office and cross well into the $1million mark with the Australian box office. Armed with only a Facebook page and word-of mouth, THREE WISE COUSINS is a film marketing anomaly but a prime example of film that knows it’s audience.

Further defying expectations, THREE WISE COUSINS continues to be self-distributed and has made its way onto the US mainland. Stallone continues to work on distributing THREE WISE COUSINS and has begun work on the next film to be released in 2017.