Big Screen Symposium

STV_CLEVERMAN_S2_Dropdown_800x450_FThree Australians share their thoughts on what makes great TV drama, their processes for developing quality episodics, and the sort of projects they would consider for an Australia-New Zealand co-production.

It’s a very special occasion to have Head of Drama at Foxtel Australia Penny Win (PICNIC AT HANGING ROCK, FIGHTING SEASON, THE KETTERING INCIDENT, A PLACE TO CALL HOME), producer and partner at Goalpost Pictures Kylie du Fresne (FIGHTING SEASON, CLEVERMAN, LOCKIE LEONARD), and CEO/Head of Scripted at Easy Tiger Productions Ian Collie (RAKE, JACK IRISH, SUNSHINE) together here at the Big Screen Symposium.

The panel will describe their development processes to ensure what goes to screen is the best it can be. Kylie and Ian delve into what they would each look for in a project before entering into a co-production including story and the team involved, with Kylie reflecting on the advantages co-production with NZ’s Pukeko Pictures brought to CLEVERMAN.  Penny Win discusses the sort of content Foxtel considers, and her recent collaboration with Goalpost Pictures on FIGHTING SEASON.

Session time: Saturday September 30, 3pm

Moderated by Fiona Copland.