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Becs Arahanga

Becs wrote and directed the short film LAUNDRY (2016) it was selected for the NZIFF Best Shorts and Show Me Shorts, where it was nominated for four awards – Best Edit, Best Screenplay, Best Director, and Best Film. LAUNDRY is still touring festivals, having recently played at ImagineNative in Toronto, San Diego, FIFO in Tahiti, Tampere Film Festival, and Seattle International Film Festival. 
Becs has just completed filming on her next film, HINEKURA, which follows the journey of a young girl, Hine, as she comes of age and enters the sacred space of women where she is nurtured, challenged and then celebrated. HINEKURA is set to release in 2019. 
“I think it is incredible that we are making a film that connects women of the Pacific nations together, we are of the water hemisphere and I hope this film reflects the determination we have to share the joys and sufferings of others; faith in the limitless possibilities of life; and the vow to defend and celebrate diversity.”
-Becs Arahanga