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Christine Jeffs

Christine Jeffs is a highly acclaimed filmmaker from New Zealand.

Jeffs studied at Massey University graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Geography. She holds a Post Graduate Diploma in Editing with High distinction from the Australian Film, Television and Radio School and a Master of Fine Arts with First-Class Honors from the Elam School of Fine Arts.

Jeffs quickly gained recognition for her distinct visual style, insightful narratives creating films with a focus on strong female characters. She made a significant mark with her short film Stroke and feature film, Rain. This powerful adaptation of Kristy Gunn’s novel showcased Jeffs’ talent for capturing the intricacies of human emotion and relationships and encouraging brave and compelling performances, displaying a unique and nuanced approach to storytelling.

Christine is known to create visually compelling films which often explore human experiences, delving into themes of identity, family dynamics and the human condition. With each project, she has demonstrated a remarkable ability to blend poignant storytelling with striking visual imagery.

Rain, Sylvia and Sunshine Cleaning, had successful high profile international film festival participation and theatrical release with both Stroke and Rain officially selected for the Cannes Film Festival. A Mistake is Christine’s fourth feature film.

Christine is a member of Directors Guild of America and The Academy Of Motion Pictures, Arts and Sciences.

Outside of filmmaking, Jeffs’ practice in photography is in portraiture and landscape, particularly focused on subjectivity. Her images explore the ethics of engagement and the slippage between constructed and documentary moments. Her landscapes and portraits open up a dialogue about what it is to look and what it is to see. Her work is held privately. Her first solo photographic show “Subject to Consent” was shown at The Vivian gallery, 2020.

In her downtime, Jeffs is passionate about eventing and holds a NZ National Championship title for One Day eventing.