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Jonny Brugh is an actor, comedian, writer, artist, and producer from New Zealand. Having made a big splash on-screen as sexy vampire Deacon in the largely improvised cult hit What We Do In The Shadows, Jonny has gone on to develop a brand as an improvised screen actor/comedian. Although you’ll also find him learning his lines for BBC’s new drama Mystic screening in the UK in 2021.

Jonny cut his comedy teeth thru the ’90s with innovative Billy-T Award-winning duet Sugar & Spice touring the Australasian comedy club circuit for over a decade. The 2000s saw him join forces with Jackie van Beek to tour internationally with their darkly comic live shows My Brother And I Are Pornstars and Flashdunce after which they joined forces with comedian, director Jesse Griffin to create Educators, an improvised comedy soap opera currently playing on TVNZ On Demand.

While Jonny often spends time in USA performing and appearing at pop culture conventions, this year you’ll find him back on the comedy club circuit in New Zealand and developing concepts for both podcast and screen.

Jonny is Taurus born in the year of the dog and enjoys sleeping and marauding the New Zealand coastline in his Pengiun ocean kayak.