Paul Yates is an award-winning TV comedy writer and actor who has worked in the industry for nearly three decades, and in recent years has branched out into directing and producing. Paul is currently nominated for Best Director in the 2018 NZ Web Fest for the Teen Comedy Series LUCY LEWIS CAN’T LOSE, is soon to appear as an actor in the TVNZ comedy drama FRESH EGGSand produced TVNZ’s WELLINGTON PARANORMALwhich proved New Zealand can make a popular scripted comedy in prime time that also sells overseasAs a former stand-up comedian, Paul was one of the founding parents of the Classic Comedy Bar in Auckland. While he has always been committed to comedy, he’s willing to give any format a go having written for children’s TV, drama and scripted factual TV shows. Paul is living proof that you have to be willing to try anything to have a career in New Zealand television.