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Hear how three friends Adam King, Alan Morrison and Rowan Bettjeman came together to create a ground breaking YouTube sensation. Through clever curation, an outstanding creative team and an infectious enthusiasm for their work, they have found an audience for their screen stories which has allowed for growth and expansion, without the support of traditional funding models.    

After 13 years working together, Viva La Dirt League’s YouTube channel has 6.27 million subscribers, and 3.4 billion views. A second YouTube channel, Viva La Dirt League D&D, has 389,000 subscribers, with 45.3 million channel views.  

Connecting directly with their audience they successfully crowdfunded close to 4 million NZD to establish their own studio space in Auckland which houses two permanent sets, and Auckland’s largest green screen. In this time, they have filmed and released over 1,000 sketches and videos and have several projects in development.  

Viva La Dirt League are a new school label who have an inspiring story to tell. This case study will explore that story, show their results of stepping into the unknown, and demonstrate the power of collaboration.  

Session Sponsored by Screen Auckland.


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