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Lulu Wang is a writer and director of both feature films and series drama, and also showrunner on her most recent work Expats. We are delighted to welcome Lulu to New Zealand for the Big Screen Symposium 2024. 

Expats is fast becoming one of the most highly rated shows of the year. The world premier was held at Toronto International Film Festival and indicated Lulu’s unconventional approach. Rather than share the first episode of the series she chose to screen the 96-minute penultimate episode “Central,” which follows two Filipina domestic workers in Hong Kong during the 2014 political protest, as a typhoon sweeps the city. 

Lulu will be in conversation with Shuchi Kothari. They will talk about Lulu’s journey from writing and directing feature film The Farewell, which draws on a personal story, to her adaptation of the book The Expatriates into a six-episode series drama running across multiple timelines, where she is the sole director. 

Lulu will also join the Writing Methodology Panel Discussion. 

Lulu Wang in Conversation is sponsored by Images and Sound.