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Disney’s live action remake of Mulan is a retelling of the ancient Chinese ballad and features themes of filial piety, bravery in battle and cross-dressing. Grant’s journey began three years ago at the Burbank campus of Disney Studios. Twenty months later they wrapped the main production and now, in March this year the film will finally be released.

Grant Major’s masterclass will cover the early, embryonic stage of production, through the extensive period consultation and research phase, location and backlot searches in mainland China as well as in New Zealand where the production was based. He will discuss the design philosophy through to the realities of producing the enormous sets both in Auckland and in the Ahuriri Valley in the South Island. The filming processes, the ups and downs of dealing with day to day changes, the practicalities, compromises, minor successes, and the unexpected baffling issues navigated while filming in China, leading to the overall ‘world’ creation of this epic production, will be covered in great detail.

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