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Narrative designers in games and VR, and screenwriters for film and television are all in the business of telling stories but rarely have the opportunity to talk to each other about how they do it. This stimulating session delves into the similarities and differences between the storytelling requirements of each medium, and what practitioners can learn from each other. Games and VR narrative designers excel at world-building, perspective, and theme, offering the audience an addictively immersive experience, while screenwriters for film and television have mastered complex characters and satisfying story arcs. Join our panellists to hear what they have learnt from working in different mediums and what opportunities there are to cross over. 


Dane Giraud (Writer, VR game Wanderer / Screenwriter, Find Me A Māori Bride, Shortland Street 

Henry Feltham (Narrative design/writer, Icarus game / Screenwriter, This Town 

Rick Stemm (Design Manager/Narrative Director, Pikpok) 


Kathryn Burnett (Writer, The Tender Trap, Fresh Eggs)