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Our industry faces enormous sustainability challenges which raise so many questions: What is the environmental impact of the film industry? How can our industry participate in meeting local and international carbon reduction targets? How can we reduce waste in the screen sector?  

BSS brings you three leading practitioners from the film and sustainability space in Aotearoa to shed light on these questions and more. Each panellist will provide practical tools and information on how we can lift our sustainability game as an industry, to respect our beautiful country. Come to this workshop to be leaders of the change. 

Greenlit is an industry-wide, collaborative initiative by the screen sector in New Zealand to implement environmentally sustainable practices within production.  It is a non-profit incorporated society, made up of industry leading screen sector partitioners in Aotearoa, who are passionate about creating a truly sustainable industry in Aotearoa. They have been building the tools to smooth the transition to sustainability best practice in our industry.


Prageeth Jayathissa (Senior Sustainability Partner, Vector)

Craig Gainsborough (Chair, Greenlit/Producer)


Rose Archer (Sustainability manager, Greenlit)