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This year’s theme is about Stepping into the Unknown |  Te Kai a te Waewae e Kimi  

Stepping into the unknown is a common experience for screen creators. Within the unknown lies the awakening of new perspectives, new discoveries, new tools, and new stories.  

There is a messiness to creativity. It’s an exploration of your imagination as you play and test results that had not previously been considered. It takes courage and the willingness to feel vulnerable, as things will go wrong. If we allow ourselves and each other to make mistakes or fail, we can reach outcomes that exceed expectations and raise the bar for collaborators and audiences alike.

Curiosity about what you don’t yet understand is the beginning of knowing and opens the possibility of transformative change. The result of this mahi can last for generations to come. 

Big Screen Symposium will be held on Fri 5th and Sat 6th April 2024 at the Victory Convention Centre, 98 Beaumont Street, Freemans Bay, Auckland 1010.