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Hear from three leading screenwriters as they talk about their approach and explore each other’s methods on the craft of writing for film and series. From that first idea being conceptualised right through to delivering the final draft there can be so many ways to get the words on the page in your race to the deadline.  

Join Michael Bennett, Dianne Taylor and international guest Lulu Wang for this exciting korero exploring what works and what doesn’t, moderated by Marc Laureano 

Diane Taylor is an acclaimed screenwriter whose credits include the series After the Party, and feature films Apron Strings and Beyond the Known World. Michael Bennett is a director, author and screen writer most recently co-writing the series The Gone and feature film The Convert. Lulu Wang is director, writer and showrunner for Prime Video series Expats. Prior to this she wrote and directed feature films The Farewell and Posthumous.  

Session Sponsored by South Pacific Pictures.