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The Screen Industry Workers Bill (introduced to Parliament in 2020) is expected to pass in the coming months and come into effect before the end of the year. The Bill was designed on unanimously agreed recommendations by industry representatives and proposes a new model to allow screen industry contractors to bargain collectively. This will impact how all screen workers are contracted on screen productions including films, programmes, commercials and games. Come to this session to hear from representatives from industry guilds, associations, unions and the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment to understand better what this Bill means to you.   

Panellists: Gayathiri Ganeshan (MBIE), Sandy Gildea (SPADA), Denise Roche (Equity New Zealand), Tui Ruwhiu (DEGNZ) and Alice Shearman (NZWG)  

Moderator: Leanne Pooley 


Read more about the bill here